tracks, 14th edition, 48 hours of practical knowledge, 500 attendees.


A stop of international Capture the Flag.


The world’s biggest cyber security specialists.


CONFidence 2016


Krakow, May 19-20th


CONFidence was created in 2005 by a group of enthusiasts that wanted to improve the security of operating systems and applications. Within a few years it transformed into the biggest meeting of hackers and IT security experts in Poland.


CONFidence is an endless source of knowledge, an opportunity to improve your skills, exchange experiences with experts and meet international specialists. Technical lectures, practical workshops and relaxed discussions at the party.

CONFidence gathers 500 attendees each year: top specialists on IT security from the government, industry, bank sector and universities as well as scientists and software developers.


We hosted such celebrities as (in alphabetical order):

  • Anton Chuvakin

  • Bruce Schneier

  • Chris Palmer

  • Dan Kaminsky

  • Daniel Mende

  • David Hulton

  • Dinis Cruz

  • Gynvael Coldwind

  • Jacob Appelbaum

  • Jesse Burns

  • Joanna Rutkowska

  • Mateusz “j00ru” Jurczyk

  • Shawn Merdinger

  • Tavis Ormandy

CONFidence 2016 is the next edition which will be a part of Capture The Flag game - the results are included in the global classification. They’re organized by the Dragon Sector - Polish team led by Gynvael Coldwind and Mateusz “j00ru” Jurczyk, which is first in the world CTF games. Players participating in the Capture the Flag will have to demonstrate their skills in areas such as cryptography, steganography, programming, web security, low-level exploitation and forensics.


Once more we’ll discuss the subjects such as cybercrime, IT security and network threats on the Polish market. The best world-renowned IT security experts will appear on stage. Still, when focusing on technical topics, we don’t forget about the incredible atmosphere of CONFidence  - casual conversations are not only a source of valuable contacts, but also amazing solutions.


Do you want to know everything about IT security? CONFidence is for you!