Break IoT - hackathon

Smart plugs, light bulbs, cameras, intercoms, home automation sets, various Bluetooth Low Energy devices -what do they have in common? We can hack them!

Join us during Break IoT - an unique hackathon, which will take place at CONFidence 2016.

Why is it unique? 

Usually the aim of hackathon is to develop new software, but at CONFidence "hack" means something completely different. We’re going to put on the "white hats", get all sorts of devices and try to find security flaws in them - to help the producers and users keep them secure.

At the hackathon, as part of the analysis for each device, we will discuss the technical details of its solutions and present possible attack scenarios.

Each workshop will consist of a short theory introduction, following practical BYOD exercises.

  • Linux embedded – we will discover a few typical vulnerabilities in an example device (wireless intercom/door lock).
  • Mobile – we will intercept and analyze traffic of mobile application controlling HVAC system.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy – we will cheat beacon-enabled Scavenger Hunt mobile application. There is also a BLE "HackmeLock" challenge prepared.
  • KNX – step-by-step guide on how to take control of an example home automation installation, often installed e.g. in hotels.

See also teaser online:

The main objective of the hackathon is mutual sharing of knowledge, drawing attention to the problem of security in IoT, while mobilizing the community and discovering talents. That's why we all work together - it’s possible to make groups.

Any vulnerability will be published in accordance with the principle of responsible disclosure. We do not want to stigmatize specific brands -  we want to indicate a general problem, learning something new, "improve the security of the world" and have fun.

The idea of "Break IoT" was developed by SecuRing team - a company that tests the safety of different applications, including the IoT. The hackathon will be led by a mentor - Sławek Jasek, who will introduce you to the secrets of IoT security and will assist in hacking.

How you can prepare?

Take your smarphones and laptops with hardware. A detailed list of what to prepare for each workshop is coming soon.

If you have your own IoT gadgets at home - bring them too!

If you are a startup, manufacturer of "Internet of Things" devices - please be welcome to cooperate! You will gain a valuable assessment of the safety of your solutions for free, as well as the positive promotion. Contact

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