Please note that this is an offline event at the CONFidence conference and a valid conference pass will be required to participate in the CTF.



1. 10000 PLN

2. 5000 PLN

3. 2000 PLN

The CTF is ranked on CTFTime.org.



jeopardy, team-based (max. 4 players per team)



Day 1: 19th May 2015

10:00-11:00 - the CTF area is open, teams can set up and test the environment

11:00-20:00 - CTF takes place

20:00-... - Night break (CTF infrastructure will be shut down)

Day 2: 20th May 2015

8:30-9:00 - the CTF area is open, teams can set up

9:00-15:00 - CTF takes place



We will provide a table and four chairs for each team in the CTF area, as well as four power sockets (type E which is used in Poland) and 4 ethernet cables. If you require additional hardware, please make sure to bring it on site. We especially recommend having power socket converters prepared if you don't use type E or a compatible one.


Feel free to email us at ctf@dragonsector.pl if you need more information.


How to prepare (for beginners):

If you’d still like to know more on CTFs, why not take a look at one of Dragon Sector presentations about CTFs:

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- CTFs, and Compos, and WarGames! Oh, my! (Video, Polish)

Or an example task solving video tutorials:

- SIGINT CTF 2013 crash (Polish)

- Olympic CTF 2014 Binathlon (English)

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