When Modernity Goes Well With History


What is the best place to visit in Poland?


Ask the question to your friend, your family or the internet browser. The answer you're going to get is usually one – Krakow. But why? What makes Krakow so special that practically everyone, whether for tourism or business, spends their time here most enjoyably? Well, the greatest quality of Krakow is its ability to please practically every kind of a visitor.

Do you like sightseeing?


Then, Krakow is the place to go. Throughout centuries of eventful history, Krakow has managed to preserve all of its architectural beauty. It remains arguably the number one Polish destination for monumental historic sites. Among just the most popular places, you can see:


Wawel Royal Castle


Built in XIV century at the behest of the last King of Poland from the Piast dynasty, Casimir III the Great, the Wawel Castle served for centuries as the residence of Polish kings and the symbol of Polish statehood. The big castle, now museum, is one of the compulsory stops for everyone sightseeing oriented


Wawel Cathedral


More than 900 years old. The great traditional coronation site of Polish monarchs. The current Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Krakow. The place where Karol Wojtyła, who later became Pope John Paul II, was ordained into the Catholic priesthood. Wawel Cathedral is a must-see.


Basilica of the Virgin Mary


Yet another Cracovian gem. Right next the Main Market Square. 80 m (262 ft) tall. Best known for the Altarpiece of Veit Stoss – the World's largest Gothic altarpiece and truly the national treasure. Its troubled history, including disappearance from the Basilica during the Second World War, contributes to the unique atmosphere of this place.


Cloth Hall


Once a leading center of international trade, Cloth Hall (pol. Sukiennice) is one of the most well known icons of Krakow, another prominent feature of the Main Market Square. Walking through its majestic walls may deliver all you could possibly expect from an epic medieval pearl of architecture.

Planty Park


When you visit the Wawel Hill, you are already within the borders of the Planty Park. Covering 21 thousand square meters, Planty is an all around destination for those looking for peace and rest a little as well as an attraction in its own right. The intensively green place hides a number of famous monuments, shrines and fountains that inspired renowned Polish artists.


Clubbing and nightlife?


It's incredible how a city full of tremendously important historical masterpieces may provide fun loving people with such a great offer. The internet can provide you with a number of sites dedicated to guiding you through the great diversity of Krakow's clubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants. Check a few examples below. You won't be disappointed.




Trip Advisor


Fancy sport venues?


Krakow is just as well-known among sport enthusiasts. Especially the fans of football. The “battles” between Wisła Krakow and Cracovia are one of the ever going legendary series of epic games with over 100 years of history. Now that both clubs pride themselves on playing at modern fully functional stadiums, one can enjoy a spectacular football experience. Krakow offers a lot to those that would rather spend their free time actively - here you can find an impressive map of the segregated cycle facilities of Krakow -

History? Fun? Food? Sport? The answer is Krakow!