Andrea Allievi

My name is Andrea Allievi, I am an Italian security researcher with at least 7 years’ experience. I graduated in 2010 from University Milano Bicocca with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. For my thesis, I developed the first Master Boot Record (MBR) Bootkit entirely in 64 bit capable of defeating some Windows 7 protections. I am the original designer of the first UEFI Bootkit. I specialized in operating systems internals, from kernel level code all the way to user-land code. I have completed a lot of security-related researches, ranging from all kind of Malware (especially Kernel-mode rootkit) to the analysis of particular Operating systems security features (like Windows 8 AppContainers for example). I am the author of the original Patchguard 8.1 Bypass method. I have presented the brand-new bypass method at the NoSuchCon Conference in the year 2014, located in Paris. 

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